Acai berry benefits: is it good for your health?

October 11, 2021

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Popular and versatile, if you still have doubts about consuming this fruit, find out how to consume it healthily and learn about the health benefits of açaí.

Known for its high nutritional value, acai berry is rich in vitamins, lipids and fiber. Furthermore, it has antioxidant action, anti-inflammatory properties and mineral salts along with a huge source of energy. Therefore, this combo present in açaí promises gains and benefits to the consumer’s health.

However, when we talk about açaí in the cream format, we must remember that the properties of the fruit will depend on the side dishes and the product formulation. But, in general, we can highlight the health benefits of açaí:

Weight loss
Açaí, if consumed in the amount indicated by the nutritionist, can help with weight loss. This is because the fruit has the ability to reduce some negative effects of diets, helping with satiety and improving bowel function, for example.

Cancer Prevention
Another highlight is the presence of anthocyanins, an important antioxidant in cancer prevention, especially leukemia, according to studies. In addition, it is rich in oleic acid, responsible for blocking the genes that cause the disease; slow the development of tumors and make the disease cells self-destruct.

• Heart health
The anthocyanins in acai berry can also help reduce bad cholesterol levels and protect against atherosclerosis. In addition, plant sterols are beneficial in preventing blood clots, helping blood circulation.

• Prevention of aging
The antioxidants in acai berry help to reduce the effects of aging because they protect cells and reduce their degeneration, helping to keep the body healthy and young.

• Energy boost
Finally, the best known benefit is the increase in energy levels and body resistance, as some of the fruit’s properties are responsible for combating fatigue and exhaustion.

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