Does açai have sugar?

July 27, 2021

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When we think about açai cream, questions associated with sugar levels in the product arise and that’s what we’re going to talk about today, does açai have sugar?

First, before knowing whether açai has sugar or not, we must take into account that over time and popularization of the fruit, it started to be consumed in different ways.

Thus, if in the North/Northeast it was consumed as a traditional meal, in other regions of Brazil and also with its popularization around the world, it took the form of a cream. Thus, it has now become a refreshing dessert, being served in ice cream parlors, cafes and snack bars, for example.

Therefore, it is possible to say that the addition of sugar is part of the recipe, since it is intended that the fruit becomes sweetened for consumption in the form of the popular açaí sorbet or cream. At Açaí Town, however, we have important differentials in these matters.

Foremost, it should be taken into account that the presence of sugar in the product does not make it an unhealthy food, since the calories present make açai a food with so much energy potential.

So, issues that involve gaining weight or losing weight with the consumption of the fruit will depend on how it is consumed and, of course, on the ingredients that constitute and accompany it.

At Açaí Town, we have the differential of our own recipe, where the much-feared guarana syrup present in some recipes is replaced by a version that own formulation that replaces syrup with selected ingredients.

In addition, we have in our product catalog the açai zero, a version of the fruit cream without additional sugar. In this version it is replaced by sucralose, but those who think that version zero is more “healthier” are mistaken.

Because it is just an alternative to the traditional version, aimed specifically at diabetics, as the non-addition of sugar makes the product permissible in their diet.

Therefore, diabetics can take açai, as long as they pay attention to the quantity and side dishes. And those who are not diabetics, don’t need to be scared by the sugars in açai cream, as long as they are consumed in moderation.