How does açaí export and import work?

September 27, 2021

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To import any product into a country, it is necessary to know some tactics for the project to be successful. Find out how the açaí cream export process works in Açaí Town

This fruit, which was only part of a certain region of Brazil, fell in popular taste, conquered the national territory, reaching several countries. With that, today we see this journey of the fruit beyond the Amazonian borders reaching a global export, present in almost all continents.

A proof of this external search for the product are the customers and partners who look for us here at Açaí Town. Above all, from enthusiasts and curious to know the cream to Brazilians who live abroad and want to consume typical and original products of their land.

Thus, whether for açaíterias or snack bars, Europe or Asia, Açaí Town is open to welcome questions and any preferences of our customers. Therefore, for the interested country to carry out the import, there are some details that need to be taken into consideration in planning. Are they:

Infrastructure: Possess the necessary açaí storage infrastructure for the imported quantity, average of -18 degrees;

Technician or Agent: Have a technical manager or customs agent in the country of destination, who can help you with legal, bureaucratic and technical aspects of the import and commercialization of food in the region;

Documentation: Inform Açaí Town about the required documentation and necessary adjustments to the product and packaging to enable the entry of goods and marketing in the country of destination;

Taxation: Understand local taxation to understand the final import cost and then format the final customer’s margin and price;

Deadlines: Consult and project all the deadlines of the agents involved (in addition to our delivery deadline) in the import process to adapt the purchase order point to your demand and avoid lack of supply.

Therefore, for more information about our processes and how to import or export açaí, contact our sales team: You can also get information through our video with explanatory content: