Açaí keeping you fit or making you fat? Clear up this doubt now!

May 12, 2021

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This common question that travels the internet and leaves those who want to add açaí to the diet in doubt, has finally been clarified. Find out now if açaí cream is fattening or not and what is different about Açaí Town.

Come on, before knowing if acai is fattening, it is important to know thatin general the açaí before anything is a super fruit, what would that be?

Super fruit is what is called a category of fruits that concentrate an enormous amount of vitamins, minerals, characteristics and properties capable of providing a series of benefits to our organism, and assist in the prevention of diseases.

Açaí falls into this category, as it is rich in vitamins, potassium, magnesium, fibers and high antioxidant power, in addition to iron and calcium. Because of this, if consumed in a moderate way it becomes an important ally in diets and a great option for a healthy life, therefore, it can be inserted in the diet because it is a complete food.

But the main question, is he keeping you fit or making you fat? Açaí itself is not fattening if consumed correctly, the main villains in some cases are guarana syrup which is sometimes added to açaí cream and of course, side dishes such as condensed milk, powdered milk,peanut butter, chocolate and other added treats to the product.

And that is where the Açaí Town differentials come in. Our product is manufactured without this traditional guarana syrup, the one that brings sugars and more calories to the açaí cream formula and can impact the health of consumers. We, valuing the quality of our product, have in our recipe our own formulation with selected ingredients that replace the syrup.

Therefore, we can say that our açaí cream does not make you fat if consumed in moderation, since the important thing is not to overdo the amount. Since it can even be an ally in healthy diets and brings countless benefits for high-performance athletes. So, to get the benefits of açaí, experts say that the ideal is to consume 100g to 200g a day.

And of course, what will measure the highest calorie content of the product is what comes with it, opting for fruits instead of the villains of the diet and healthy eating, also known as treats, the caloric index will be much lower, for example.

Now that you have discovered that açaí does not make you fat if consumed in moderation and that Açaí Town has a differential in our formulation.

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