Acai Powder: How It Is and How to Use

June 9, 2021

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This version is a versatile way to consume açaí with its benefits even more preserved. Learn more about the manufacturing process and consumption options for Açaí Powder.

Açaí Town has in its catalog a full range of options ranging from Açaí in cream, Açaí with flavor blends, Açaí zero sugar and also Açaí powder. However, unlike other versions, powdered açaí often raises doubts about its manufacture, properties and modes of consumption.

Therefore, we will explain more about this product, starting with the manufacturing. Our açaí powder has a technology called RWD – Refractance Window Drying Technology, a form of dehydration and indirect drying technique, which avoids cross-contamination of the product during the process.

In addition, this method also has greater efficiency, less energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions when compared to drying by freeze drying and spray drier.

This technology allows us to make açaí powder available to different market segments with quality and with preservation of the active compounds of the fruit.

With this, our product, in addition to being carefully manufactured, also has practicality, stability, increased shelf life and still manages to preserve nutrients, with the added bonus of being easier to transport and sell.

On the preparation method and options of how to use acai powder on a daily basis, it is very easy. To be consumed, it only needs an addition of water or that the desired amount is added directly to drinks or fruits, which will vary according to its use.

When transformed into cream or juice, the amount varies, so it is ideal to do some tests to get the desired flavor.

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