Açaí production: how our manufacturing works

May 24, 2021

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Food engineer Açaí Town clarifies the Açaí production process of the products supplied to her customers, because when buying açaí cream straight from the factory for resale, distribution or export it is important to know about the processes that it goes through before reaching the customer.

Before reaching the final consumer, the Açaí cream goes through several manufacturing processes, at Açaí Town this product undergoes hygiene, quality and certification inspections, as all of this is extremely important to ensure the excellence of the food and, of course, generate trust and guarantee the health of customers.

“The difference is that our team is prepared and trained to carry out activities related to the preparation of fruit creams” is what says Kerolaine Lijanda, Food engineer at Açaí Town. Today, according to her, the factory’s Açaí production has all the instructions so that the product has guaranteed quality and is within the company’s standards, standards that include good manufacturing practices that follow the RDC legislation No. 275 in Brazil.

From the selection and reception of the best ingredients, inputs and raw materials, then with weighing, mixing of the ingredients, then with potting, packaging, appropriate storage and finally distribution, all these steps are designed to ensure non-contamination, non-crystallization and of course, a lot of fruit flavor.

In addition, these processes are guaranteed not only with Açaí, but also with the other fruit creams present in the Açaí Town portfolio, such as Pitaya cream, Cupuaçu cupuaçu cream and also other ice cream flavors that they have.

For this reason, the food engineer emphasizes the importance of the end customer knowing about the processes through which the product he consumes goes through “Customer satisfaction is the main reason for all attention with the product during its chain, so it is important that the customer knows all the care we have to deliver our best version to him ”.

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