How many calories açai berry have?

July 14, 2021

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Açaí is considered an energy food precisely because of its high caloric density, do you know what this means in practice? Learn about the calories of açai “Açai Town”

First of all, that acai berry has antioxidant properties, cardioprotective fats, fiber and high energy value we always see around. However, few know what the amount of calories in açai it has to do with it.

By definition, calorie is a unit of measurement used to represent energy in the form of heat (thermal energy). Thus, the calorie unit, in the Kcal format, is used in food packaging to show the consumer the amount of energy that will be produced after ingestion.

Above all, we see that one of the main functions of food is to provide energy for the body’s maintenance. Since, calories are needed not only for the practice of physical activities, but also for the normal functioning of the organs.

Therefore, when measuring the energy of food by its amount of calories, we have the following: açaí “Açaí Town” has 103 kcal for every 100g (about 1 cup of açaí cream). According to this, if 100g of açaí are ingested, 103 kilocalories (Kcal) will be produced in the body.

These calories of açai refer to our pure product, with the ingredients carefully selected for its manufacture and transformation into sorbet/cream. Bearing in mind that the energy/calorie values can change according to the additions and accompaniments consumed together with the product.

Finally, we have the doubt about whether açaí is fattening or not. About this, it is a fact that when the individual ingests more calories than he consumes, his weight increases and when he consumes less than he needs, his weight decreases. Thus, each person has different energy needs according to age, sex and physical activities that they practice, and the diet must follow these individual standards.

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