Cupuaçu cream for import

October 4, 2021

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Importing cupuaçu cream has become a potentiality and investing in ideas involving this fruit can be beneficial to your business.

Açaí Town works with a variety of fruit creams, including cupuaçu, a potent sour and bittersweet fruit that in cream form is a refreshing option for the summer. Such as, we have a trend in recent years where cupuaçu cream has become as popular as açaí.

In addition, when looking for potential markets, keeping an eye on trends is a good option to know what to invest and thus bet on products that can leverage your business. Thus, as a manufacturer of açaí and fruit creams, Açaí Town distributes and exports these products.

This way, it is easier to have access to market trends, since our team is always on top of these trends. With that, we guarantee the constant updating of our portfolio and the success with our clients and partners, being the cupuaçu cream one of them.

So, because it is versatile and has a remarkable flavor, our water-based cupuaçu cream, also called sorbet, can be used in cakes, shakes and served in a variety of ways. Everything in a healthy, tasty and vegan way, as our cupuaçu for export and distribution does not contain lactose and nothing of animal origin.

For this reason and much more, he who comes to the north of Brazil has the power to leverage his business through distribution and export in Açaí Town.

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