Cupuaçu: the growing popularity of Brazilian fruit

March 22, 2021

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Native to Brazil, cupuaçu has been gaining national and international popularity due to its benefits and remarkable flavor.

The cupuaçuzeiro is from a very specific region of Brazil, in addition to Pará, its largest producer, is found in Amazonas, Rondônia, Acre and Maranhão. However, in recent years the cupuaçu has gone further and its consumption, popularity and sales have already crossed borders, becoming an ingredient so versatile that it can be found in the food industry and even in cosmetics.

Being a traditionally Brazilian and ancient fruit known to the native Indians of the Amazon, who not only consume the fruit because they like its flavor, but also for its healing properties, its name derives from Tupi: kupu which means “that looks like cocoa” and uasu “big”.

Thus, this relative of Cocoa has a remarkable flavor, Brazilianness and above all stands out for its benefits. With antioxidant properties, vitamin C, A, B complex, selenium and calcium which together improve the functioning of the body in general, help with abdominal pain, proper functioning of the intestine and assist in metabolism.

With all these benefits, Açaí Town could not fail to include it in its portfolio. Under the slogan “From the Amazon to the City” we offer this Brazilian super fruit that promises to win even more consumers in the coming years, in a refreshing and versatile way.

Cupuaçu sorbet, based on fruit and water available here, can be consumed in intermediate snacks, such as dessert and can even become a shake. All in a healthy, tasty and vegan way, since our cupuaçu for export does not contain lactose and nothing of animal origin.

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