Meet the Cream of Pitaya (Dragon Fruit): cream version of the fruit of the moment

September 21, 2021

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Do you want to know more about this fruit that has become a trend and now has a cream shape? As a company focused on fruit cream and not just on açaí, Açaí Town brings in its catalog the cream of pitaya, the fruit of the moment.

In the food industry, following market trends is super important. Therefore, due to the success that this fruit has had in recent times, it was necessary to follow this trend, hence our pitaya or dragon fruit cream.

Consequently, we call this behavior common to several consumers a trend, where a product starts to stand out, for example, the boom in sales, consumption and revenues with pitaya. Therefore, market trend is the indication of a way forward, and investing in pitaya cream is one of them.

Similar in some aspects to açaí, with intense color and flavor, a lot of freshness and also a lot of versatility. It is seen that the pitaya cream promises to be a success and to fall on the Brazilian palate, as happened with the purple fruit, but now in pink.

In addition to the popularity of being an exotic fruit, pitaya brings health benefits to the consumer, being rich in iron, vitamin c and other antioxidants. Above all, in our recipe it still has passion fruit aroma, the perfect and refreshing summer wedding.

With this, as well as Açaí, the cream of pitaya has the potential to become popular both for distribution and for the final consumer. Since, according to what can be seen, it has all the attributes to be easily inserted in cafeterias, ice cream parlors, juice houses and the like.

Thus, we at Açaí Town count on the manufacture and distribution of the sorbet or pitaya cream, a creamy and water-based version of the fruit. Even more, as an example of a fruit success case, we have the experience in our physical store Açaí Town.

There, in addition to the traditional version of the cream alone, we also offer the “Mesclown” option. Where the pitaya cream is mixed with the açaí cream, another combination that pleases the taste of consumers a lot.

Interested and would like to know more about the distribution and sale of this cream? Consult our sales team: