The Differentials Açaí Town

April 13, 2021

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Açai Town is committed to bringing quality to its customers and partners, but do you know what are the differentials that guarantee the quality of our açaí?

We have been in the fruit creams business since 2014, All this, as an outcome of our commitment to excellence in the levels of purity and concentration of the fruit, assured quality certificates and, absolutely, always keeping up the commitment to sustainability and human recognition.  But in practice, what does all this mean? To explain it better, let’s score:

1- Excellence in the levels of purity and concentration of the fruit “Açai Town”

We have a selection of the best producers and suppliers, our Açaí travels from the state of Pará to our factory in the interior of São Paulo to become the much-loved cream. It is this raw material that guarantees quality, since our product contains 40% of selected fruit pulp.

2- Assured quality certificates “Açai Town”

Adequate production capacity, pasteurization, refrigerated storage at an ideal temperature, updated machines and a controlled atmosphere environment guarantee not only the excellence of our processes, but also every care for it to be free of allergens and contamination, in addition to non-crystallization, for example. All of this is confirmed by guaranteed quality certificates, such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

3- Commitment to sustainability

Thinking of generating the least possible impact on the environment, the packaging of our products contains the EURECICLO seal, this seal certifies that our company allocates resources to the recycling chain, through the environmental compensation of at least 22% of our packaging, as provided for in National Solid Waste Policy of Brazil.

4- Human recognition

Recognizing the importance of our human relationships is not only part of our differential, but also what drives us. We believe that our employees, partners and customers are what make our company stand out and transform and transform Açaí Town into what it is today.

Bonûs: Unique flavor

In addition to all of our differentials mentioned above, we could not fail to comment on the taste of our product. In addition to 40% fruit pulp, guaraná syrup is not used in our recipe, as it can have an impact on consumer health due to the large amount of sugar and caffeine.

Therefore, when we are concerned with the well-being of our consumer, we have our own formulation that replaces the syrup with selected ingredients. Selected bananas are also present in our formulation, which increases the creaminess and contributes to a tastier açaí.

And as everything can improve, we also have açaí creams with mixtures of powdered milk, strawberry and hazelnut cream, making the experience with our açaí tasty and complete!